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Where opinion ends and knowledge begins can be a fuzzy boundary. My perspective is that there is a meaningful distinction between supernatural and natural explanations (altough again, there is a fuzzy boundary problem), our successfully tested modern knowledge about how our universe functions rests exclusively on naturalism as both the type of methods utilized to acquire that knowledge and the type of conclusions reached, and this is powerful evidence that we live in an exclusively universe. Lots of scientists are theists and I conclude that this is because theism is psychologically compelling, not because they have a compelling counter-argument for abandoning supernaturalism in the workplace. I concede that our evidence is necessarily limited in time and place and even that the evidence we have could be misleading. Yet I think the evidence for naturalism over supernaturalism has been so persistent and consistent that the probability that new evidence in the future will change the overall best fit conclusion to favor supernaturalism is small. Given that total, perfect, absolutely knowledge is impossible, and given the successful track record of following the empirical evidence, it seems to me that the evidence we already have is sufficient to be confident that metaphysical naturalism is true, and I think everyone today should be an atheist. I am committed to an empirical evidence based approach to reaching conclusions about how the universe functions, and I am convinced that naturalism is indisputably the best fit conclusion.

How can atoms contain such power that matter, smaller than a dime, produced the energy in the bomb that killed 100,000 Hiroshima residents? How can the doublehelix thread of DNA create all living things, from bacteria to trees to Beethoven? How can electrons, dormant in every atom of your body, explode into violent lightning bolts when they're detached? Why does anything exist? If we say that the power of gravity, atoms, DNA, lightning and all the rest is God B and that God is E = MC2 B then God exists. Those baffling forces are undeniably real. McCloskey offers some encouragement and insight saying, "Atheism is not comforting when you consider the problem of evil. Instead, atheism adopted by a thoughtful and sensitive person, leads to a spirit of self reliance, and self respect which demands that we comfort and help those who need such support, because it will mitigate the blows of fate.  [ 11 ]  William Lane Craig was absolutely accurate when he spoke ingeniously, "If God does not exist, then you are just a miscarriage of nature, thrust into a purposeless universe to live a purposeless life."  [ 12 ]  

Best essays on atheism

best essays on atheism


best essays on atheismbest essays on atheismbest essays on atheismbest essays on atheism