Coping up with depression

Exercise and diet are other wild cards that can be used to enhance quality of mood and outlook. It has been proven that exercise releases endorphins immediately escalating feelings of happiness. It can be as simple as going for a walk, riding a bike, or getting involved in sports activities. Foods high in nutrition are also known to have positive effects on mood. Stay away from foods that cause fatigue or restlessness. Adequate sleep can heighten mood where lack of sleep can lower mood into a depressed state. Fill your body with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Seek ideas for a well balanced diet best suited for you.


When July 22, 2017

Where The Church of the Ascension in Lakewood, Ohio, followed by a reception at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Cleveland.

Fashion Sense Mr. Sutter, who wore a Calvin Klein suit, actually picked out Ms. Risch’s dress, a floor-length ivory gown with a plunging neckline and slit skirt. Ms. Risch said she wears leggings, Birkenstocks and an . Bean sweater most days, so she welcomed the fashion advice of Mr. Sutter, who is inclined toward crisp chinos and button-up shirts. The dress came from an online retailer called Reformation .

Rich in Love The couple enlisted friends and family to help make wedding decorations, including paper garlands and bunting, ceramic pots and signs. The names of guests were written on rocks pulled from Lake Michigan and used as place settings. Mr. Sutter and Ms. Risch also got into the . spirit themselves. Ms. Risch made mead, a honey wine, for after the ceremony; a group of Episcopal nuns had taught her how. She also sewed her four bridesmaids’ gray linen skirts. Mr. Sutter made 30 gallons of beer.

Depression makes it stressful for me to manage social interactions. My  depression distorts my view of myself and of others, causing me to misinterpret social interactions. For example, when my self-loathing is especially intense, I often interpret short, lazy conversations with friends as evidence that I am disliked and irritating. I disregard variables like poor timing and busy schedules and move forward in my day with the actual belief that friends I’ve had for years are just talking to me out of pity. In this way and others, my depression stresses my social interactions.

Coping up with depression

coping up with depression


coping up with depressioncoping up with depressioncoping up with depressioncoping up with depression