Death of ivan ilych essay questions

The three themes depicted from Tolstoy's story about the death of Ivan Ilych include: the right life, the inevitability of death and the inner life as opposed to outer life. Tolstoy beliefs that there are two kinds of lives: the artificial life which is represented by Ivan, Praskovya, Peter, and nearly everyone in Ivan's society and company; the authentic life represented by Gerasim. The artificial life is characterized by superficial relationships, self-interest, and materialism. Alternatively, the authentic life is characterized by pity, promotes reciprocally affirming of human relationships and compassion. According to the inevitability of death, it is not true that accepting death and the identification of the right unpredictable nature of life allows for peace, confidence and sometimes joy at death point. Finally, Tolstoy portrays human existence as a conflict between the inner and the outer, the spiritual and the physical in both the artificial and authentic life which is not true since they are dual things.

Religion gives a person his identity, name, customs, shared values and a culture and sometimes even a language. This is why religion has the function of providing a complete code of life to people. Religions unite people and make them happy by providing them common festivals and rituals and give meaning to their worldly affairs as well as guide their actions. With the guidance provide by religion, people get to know their limitations and boundaries and therefore they restrain themselves from indulging in wrong or unethical activities like robberies, crimes, extra marital affairs, drugs, etc. Religion gave people a meaning and purpose of life and created their history. Another function of religion is to provide recreation to its people by giving them festivals like Christmas when people meet with each other, enjoy healthy meals, celebrate and socialize. Another very important function of religion is that it influences the political system of a country. For example, Islam favors democracy in its religion and so people in Pakistan and other Muslim countries follow it. Politicians take oaths in the name of God and make a promise to their people that they will follow all the guidelines taught by their shared religion.

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Death of ivan ilych essay questions

death of ivan ilych essay questions


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