Dissertation topics for mba project management

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The rise of Korean hip-hop and the work of artists such as PSY (Jae-sang Park), Jay Park (Jaebeom Park) and Drunken Tiger has been noted and endorsed by celebrity pop artists including Katie Perry, rapper T-Pain (Faheem Rasheed Najm) and Britney Spears. This dissertation offers a critique of the work of PSY and asks the extent to which his musical style is a deviant form of hip-hop that also embraces cultural traits of rap as well as those more usually associated with the alternative underground rap scene. In charting the success of PSY, the thesis also asks whether artists who embody the spirit of contemporary Korean hip-hop have the global appeal to become musical icons within the Western world in a manner akin to that enjoyed by Western artists within Korea itself such as Ludacris.

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Dissertation topics for mba project management

dissertation topics for mba project management


dissertation topics for mba project managementdissertation topics for mba project managementdissertation topics for mba project managementdissertation topics for mba project management