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That morning, around 20,000 demonstrators marched on the Verkhovna Rada [81] as Parliament was set to consider opposition demands for a new constitution and government. Around 09:45, the demonstrators broke through the police barricade of several personnel-transport trucks near the building of the Central Officers' Club of Ukraine [97] and pushed the cordon of police aside. [98] The clashes started after some two dozen demonstrators moved a police vehicle blocking their path to Parliament. [58] At 10:00, a member of Parliament representing Batkivshchyna, Lesya Orobets , reported that police armed with Fort-500T shotguns had begun to attack with flash and stun grenades from Shovkovychna Street and Lypska Street. [97]

Dnepropetrovsk resume ua

dnepropetrovsk resume ua


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