Education is key to success essay

Through EVS, education voucher have been delivered to all households in the urban slums for the children in the age cohorts of 5 to 13. The slums were surveyed and it was established that all the households in the locality were living below poverty line, At a pilot stage, 1053 households were given an opportunity with freedom of choice to access the quality school of their choice for their children. The voucher is redeemable against payment of fee in the educational institutions. EVS is meant to ensure the freedom of choice, productive efficiency, equity and social cohesion. The EVS makes the schools accountable to the parents instead of government functionaries of education department. In FAS, the private school entrepreneur has the choice to admit a student or not. In EVS, the choice to select a school remains with the parents because they are carrying the education voucher issued by PEF. The partner schools are subject to periodical review dependent on the results of their students, additional private investment and improvement in working conditions for the teachers. The data of schools and students during the years 2006-2009 is annexed as ‘'G''

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Teaching financial literacy in schools is an important part of the Brazilian National Strategy on Financial Education (ENEF). Following a successful pilot, it is being integrated into the high school curriculum in an approach that incorporates case studies on financial literacy within mathematics, language/literature, science, sociology and other disciplines. Evaluation of the pilot study in 891 high-schools across six states found that the average level of financial proficiency, financial autonomy and attitude to savings was higher among students receiving such education. There was also an impact on the students’ families, with an increase in financial knowledge among parents and more families drafting a household budget. The government will also pilot financial education in primary schools.

Education is key to success essay

education is key to success essay


education is key to success essayeducation is key to success essayeducation is key to success essayeducation is key to success essay