End of year reflection essay

After all, you can’t look ahead until you’ve looked back. By taking the time to reflect, it’s possible for principals and administrators in leadership positions to set the stage for continuous improvement, determine what worked in the past year (as well as what didn’t work well), and ensure the greatest ultimate success for the school as a whole. It can start with personal reflection; then, it can transition into looking back and evaluating the action plans that were made at the start of the year for both the school and the district. How did you do? Did you meet the goals that were set?

I am a student and I love to write about my year. Last year when I was in 5th grade my teacher asked my for ideas for a reflection of the year. So I told her about the last one. And she loved and still loves it. (Don’t ask me how I know, I just know.) This year I got an another essay for a reflection on the year and it turns out that my teacher for my fourth period class liked wait no… LOVED this questions too. She put all 20 questions down that we have to answer. I got to go! I got a reflection of the year to write about!!!!!! YAY ME!! By the way these questions are perfect for ANY grade if you were going to ask

"The class then uses the results of their interviews to discuss some of the events from the late 20th century," said Ruland. "Many students tell me that they enjoyed the project because they have the chance to really talk to their parents and discover things that they never knew. They find out what it means to be a historian and also how much they can learn from the people we see every day. I also have received many letters from parents; they appreciate the assignment because, in many cases, the questions prove to be a jumping off point for substantive discussion with their children.

End of year reflection essay

end of year reflection essay


end of year reflection essayend of year reflection essayend of year reflection essayend of year reflection essay