Essay on globalisation and higher education

In conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation for United Kingdom require a cost-benefit analysis approach, which apparently indicates that the globalisation effect has hit the United Kingdom.  The cost-benefit evaluation gives an in-depth explanation of advantages and disadvantages.  Currently, the United Kingdom faces no immunity since it cannot segregate itself from the impacts of intercontinental foreign trade, characterized by capital flows and trans–national corporate activity. The United Kingdom has to overcome the competitive confront of global economy otherwise it is on the verge of collapsing its economic growth and reduction in living standards. Additionally, it is too early to conclude that United Kingdom will continue benefiting from globalisation since the current wave changes. Globalisation has affected greatly the UK within various scopes such as economy, political and social levels. This implies that UK has to adapt to this issues to counter the negativity of globalisation and promote the benefits. Despite the advantages, there is a perception that globalisation increases instability of United Kingdom’s domestic economy due to the fact that liberalized trade increases reliance of the domestic economy on international markets instead of domestic.

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Essay on globalisation and higher education

essay on globalisation and higher education


essay on globalisation and higher educationessay on globalisation and higher educationessay on globalisation and higher educationessay on globalisation and higher education