Essay on problems of overpopulation

The issues discussed above creating shortage of nurses and affecting quality of healthcare services can be addressed by providing temporary and long-term solutions. Level of compensation for the nurses should be improved that include high wage-rate and providing of different tangible as well as intangible benefits. End-service benefits including pension should be compatible with other professions. (Brooker 349)For this purpose a comprehensive compensation plan specifically for the nurses should be designed and implemented catering to the needs of nurses and increasing level of satisfaction. Nursing profession can become more attractive and competitive by providing different intangible benefits including granting loans payable in easy installments, giving scholarships, chalking out a career plan, and allowing grants for nursing faculty. Working conditions for the nurses should be improved. This could be done by strengthening human resource policies aiming at solving issues like working long-hours, and receive a sustained pension income after retirement. Level of stress should be reduced as in other professions to improve the quality of services being offered. A short-term solution to address the issue of shortage is pulling nurses from other countries. Nurses from the developing countries having surplus in the pool of nursing workforce can be attracted in the country. Nurses in the developing and poor nations prefer to migrate mainly due to fulfilling the economic needs. Although, overall wage-rate in nursing profession is comparatively low, yet it is still competitive and lucrative for the people in other parts of the world. Therefore, pulling nurses from other countries- although a short-term solution- can address the problem of nurse-shortage.

Participation of women who constitute 50% of our total population in politics and public life is very much negligible in India. We find only a negligible number of women in prestigious positions like those of Central and State cabinet ministers, governors, secretaries and legal advisers to the governments, ambassadors to other countries, IPS, IAS, IFS officers, judges in courts, mayors of big cities, office bearers of all-India parties, etc. No political party of India has given position to women in accordance with their number in the total population. In some areas seats are reserved for women as we find in Gram Panchayat, Jilla Panchayat, University Senate, etc. Even in these areas women have not constituted themselves into a “pressure group “. Hence in our political life, we have caste lobbies, linguistic lobbies, capitalist lobbies, minority lobby, etc. but we do not have “-women lobby ” to bring pressure on the government.

Essay on problems of overpopulation

essay on problems of overpopulation


essay on problems of overpopulationessay on problems of overpopulationessay on problems of overpopulationessay on problems of overpopulation