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History on Queen Elizabeth I

"... Or let me live with some more sweet content,

or die and so forget what love ere meant..."

These soulful lines were written by one of the most celebrated women of all time. Hailed as the Virgen Queen, Elizabeth I was perhaps the most powerful, revolutionary queen to ever rule Englan. During the 45 years of Elizabeth's reign, England flourished in all aspects from economics to education. In fact Elizabeth I initiated so many successful improvements that this period came to be known as simply - The Elizabethan Age. In order to gain a bit more insight into the rather complex Queen Elizabeth, let's examine her early childhood and youth, her ascent to the throne, and the accomplishments she had as queen.

Elizabeth I was the daughter of the rather infamous King Henry VIII and his second of six wives, Anne Boleyn. When Elizabeth was just three years old, her father, King Henry, falsely accused her mother, Anne Boleyn, of treason and adultery and had her beheaded. King Henry was so disappointed that his only child from that marriage was female, that he had young Elizabeth banished from his sight to a little home in the country while he perused his never-ending quest for a male heir. Even at such a young age, Elizabeth was keenly aware of her father's disappointment of her. She had everything a little girl could ever want but lacked the one thing she truly desired- her father's love and acceptance. Faced with such loneliness and heartache, Elizabeth took comfort in her one pleasure in life- her studies.

Elizabeth was a brilliant student and had the finest tutors England had to offer. By the age of six, Elizabeth's reading and writing skills were far more advanced than many adults twice her age. She adored literature, particularly poetry. She even composed several poems of her own. Elizabeth excelled in geography, mathematics, and science and could read, write, and even speak over nine different languages including French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Spanish. Elizabeth soon grew into a beautiful woman - elegant, witty, and serenely composed and a delight to the court on the rare chances she visited. In time, the pain of her father's rejection ebbed; and Elizabeth was able to devote herself to...

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  • Essays on elizabeth barrett browning

    essays on elizabeth barrett browning


    essays on elizabeth barrett browningessays on elizabeth barrett browningessays on elizabeth barrett browningessays on elizabeth barrett browning