Help with economics essay

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Poverty is most broadly the barriers which one faces in daily life. These barriers may be in the form of shortage of quality meals, lack of adequate finances or non-availability of access to quality education and healthcare. The supply of these basic services and needs may be restricted due to corruption in public sector, natural calamities, debt or brain drain from the country. No matter what the reason for a community or a country may be of poverty, it becomes almost impossible for the community to get out of this dilemma. People feel voiceless when stricken with poverty and are deprived of opportunities to engage in decision making. They tend to lose control of their own lives and are considered as second class citizens of a community. They are forced to accept decisions of the rich and affluent class without question and reasoning. Poverty also brings itself the stigma of vulnerability. Individuals are vulnerable to natural disasters, stress and psychological problems. They have a dearth of buffers to save them from these calamities and therefore cause both internal and external damage. Presently, poverty has become a main issue around the world and global organizations World Bank and UN are involved in vigorous poverty alleviation programs.

Help with economics essay

help with economics essay


help with economics essayhelp with economics essayhelp with economics essayhelp with economics essay