Hippie definition essay

Homo sapiens actually ARE primates. However, we are part of the Great Ape classification of primates, all of which consume meat to meet their nutritional requirements at least occasionally. In addition, eating meat, especially cooking meat is an element of what helped us evolve into larger-brained mammals, not just because of amino acids, which can be found in other foods, but because of the reduction of energy expense devoted to the gut and redirected to the brain, as cooked food is much easier to digest. So while there are a couple inaccuracies in your argument, I agree with your main point. Our bodies are engineered to process meat.

I made this the other day for hubby and I, and we are in LOVE! This was my first time using a minimalist baker recipe and I’m officially hooked (we’re fairly new to the plant-based lifestyle). The plethora of flavors were just out of this world and complimented each other so well. The instructions were very easy to follow, and I was impressed that it came out so well on my first try. Usually something goes wrong the first time, but this was great! We added some quinoa at the bottom of our bowls as well. Tonight’s dinner will be the garlicky alfredo sweet potato noodles. Thanks Dana!

Definition of original

  • something that serves as a model or a basis for making copies; "this painting is a copy of the original"
  • not derived or copied or translated from something else; "the play is original; not an adaptation"; "he kept the original copy and gave her only a xerox"; "the translation misses much of the subtlety of the original French"
  • being or productive of something fresh and unusual; or being as first made or thought of; "a truly original approach"; "with original music"; "an original mind"
  • (of . information) not secondhand or by way of something intermediary; "his work is based on only original, not secondary, sources"

Hippie definition essay

hippie definition essay


hippie definition essayhippie definition essayhippie definition essayhippie definition essay