Manny ramirez essay

One of the worst-guarded secrets surrounding the Cubs is that they plan to get rather possessive with regards to the July 2 class internationally next time around. Adding Ramirez to the equation dumps a rather potent accelerant on the experiment. Imagine, if you will, a scout chatting with a 15-year-old slugger contemplating which team to sign with: "You can sign with the Giants , who are trying to avoid going over their limit for talent. Or you can sign with us for a bit more. And your hitting coach in our elite training facility will be Manny Ramirez."

The tandem of Mike and Richard also began to discuss Satanic worship and frequently smoked marijuana together. The smoking was a habit that Ramirez had began to develop as early as around the age of ten. So, by the time Ramirez's teenage and adolescent years had started, a rebellion began which led to various petty crimes in hopes to further fuel his mounting drug habits. This also helped in further alienating him from his Catholic parents and isolating him from family and most other people in general. As a result, he returned to where he had first been exposed to the possible causes or factors which must have put him on a path towards psychopathy; his cousin's. He began spending much of his time with his cousin Mike, most of which was spent indulging in the use of marijuana and sharing violent and gory stories. At one point when Ramirez was with Mike, he witnessed his cousin murder his own wife Jessie in cold blood with a .38 caliber revolver during a domestic skirmish on May 4th of 1973. This must have been an eye opening moment for Ramirez and been quite a rush, giving him a sensation he had yet to experience which may have given him a confused outlook on whether to embrace the feeling or not.

Manny ramirez essay

manny ramirez essay


manny ramirez essaymanny ramirez essaymanny ramirez essaymanny ramirez essay