Natural selection essay charles darwin

Victorian hero Lord Rothschild – who founded the Natural History Museum, gifting it his egg collection – is represented in the two-screen video by a photo of his zebras pulling a carriage. On the other hand, the East Ender Matthew Gonshaw, whose collection landed him in prison in 2011, comes across as a tragic, sympathetic figure. “I’d like to find a female,” he says, baring his lonely heart to a gang of news reporters. In an adjoining room, Andy has recreated a 2006 hoard of 7,130 eggs, found in Cleethorpes. The tiny speckled treasures are housed as they were discovered, not in display cases but old margarine tubs and chocolate boxes.

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Natural selection essay charles darwin

natural selection essay charles darwin


natural selection essay charles darwinnatural selection essay charles darwinnatural selection essay charles darwinnatural selection essay charles darwin