Nietzsche genealogy first essay summary

Nietzsche predicts that the death of God will bring with it the rejection of the belief in a universal moral law, which in turn will cause existential nihilism — a philosophy he detested. While Nietzsche didn’t think highly of “slave morality,” as we just discussed, he did think it was good for the psyche, and that religion played an important role in creating meaning — a center of gravity — in the world. Nietzsche predicted that once a universal basis of morality eroded away, “there will be wars the like of which have never been seen on earth before” — a prediction which came true not long after he died in 1900.

I realize my particular antipathy toward Miller’s posturing comes from the discomfiting specularity of self-recognition—or, in human language, because I, too, was once an early-career graduate student and probably this insufferably confident in my own intelligence. Luckily, I grew out of it, as do most other grad students—beaten down as we are by the realities of an employment future of $28,000 program-director jobs , not to mention the funny thing that happens where the more you actually learn about something, the less confident you get about how much you know (#Socrates).*

September 11 - 14 | The elevator installers have commandeered our Community Room with tools and oversized parts. The elevator is actually built inside the shaft, and the whine of the drill is eerily reminiscent of the dentist's office (oh joy). Sheetrockers arrived on the 12th and have almost completed the second floor. Everything seems smaller, but brighter. The automatic door serviceman arrived to assure us that once the power box was electrified, a mere push would activate the automated feature. The new target completion date is end of October, latest Thanksgiving.

Nietzsche genealogy first essay summary

nietzsche genealogy first essay summary


nietzsche genealogy first essay summarynietzsche genealogy first essay summarynietzsche genealogy first essay summarynietzsche genealogy first essay summary