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Again, this is not to preclude a writer from discovering a story as it is written. From creating a story ending so dramatic and fulfilling, the writer goes back to revise the story to fit its conclusion. From discovering characters so dynamic, they demand a story world in which to enact their dramatic deeds. From writing a script and going back to discover its story. But the storyteller who understands what a story is and the process of telling one has the tools to bring a story to life. However they come to that story: through characters, plot, inciting event, muse, stork, assignment, need for attention, desire for fame.

How are you going to reach your target audience.? You might not find your grandma on Twitter and you’re sure as not going to find your 12 year old nephew reading the Wall Street Journal. If your audience is a tech savvy college student, the best way to reach them might be online & social media. A teenager might be better reached through television ads through traditional media. From your research, you should have a good picture of what sort of medium your audience is primarily using or can be found on. We picked four broad categories:

Persona essays

persona essays


persona essayspersona essayspersona essayspersona essays