Psychology thesis introduction example

Welcome to the School of Psychology at Georgia Tech. As you roam  our webpage , you’ll notice that p sychology at  GaTech   is rather  unique in a number of ways.   You already know  that  w e are embedded  in one of the leading science and engineering institution of higher education  in the world.   Unlike many of our peers, o ur home col lege is the College of Science, which also houses  the likes of  Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Math.    You’ll see  we have a structure of 5 programs that help us manage the research efforts and provide focused training to our graduate students,  but I can tell you   that  all of  the  faculty move easily between areas.   Finally, you may notice that we are small, intentionally.  It allows us to focus our research and our training in a way that has made us exceptional.    

The Department of Psychology would like to welcome Annie Connors, our new professional academic advisor for the Psychology Major. Annie holds a . in Anthropology and . in Higher Education from the State University of New York – College at Buffalo. She has experience in academic advising and career services from other institutions of higher education. Annie and her staff are available in the Social Science 399B to assist with declaring the major, course planning, career and graduate school preparation and more. Contact the Psychology Advisement Center at [email protected] or 518-442-4865.

A major in psychology provides training in the scientific analysis of human thought and behavior, their expression and their development. The Scripps program emphasizes understanding human actions and reactions—mental or psychological processes—through experiences such as observation, participation, and experimental investigation. Students are afforded opportunities to gain experience through field placement at nearby institutions and through collaboration with ongoing faculty research projects. Such projects include studies of human development over the life span from childhood through adolescence to old age; the role of culture in psychological development; and the influence of others on one’s thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviors.

Psychology thesis introduction example

psychology thesis introduction example


psychology thesis introduction examplepsychology thesis introduction examplepsychology thesis introduction examplepsychology thesis introduction example