Sample contracts essay questions

Many multinational companies these days even are trying to get their work done from remote countries where labour is cheap and new brands of shoes and clothing's mostly make more profits. There is not any harm in getting the work done from the remote locations but when proper measures are not taken by the brand management, for employees and staff working for them, the environment where the work is being done for the company it creates a blurry picture of the future of employees. Proper labour rules should be emphasized. Sweatshops workers find long hours to work in hazardous environment, most of them in these days as well using child labour. Brands like Levis, D & G, Calvin Klein and the list goes on, and most of them are getting the work done from China using the same old sweatshops.

Perhaps the most imaginative and innovative alternate to bigamy practised in Gujarat (until officially banned by the government) was the ‘companionship contract’ or the ‘maitri karar’. When the government banned such connived carnal contracts, a host of other extra-marital devices cropped up to circumvent the Hindu matrimonial law of monogamy and the provisions of the Indian Penal Code relating to bigamy. Some of them took the shape of ‘service contracts’, whilst others were called ‘caretaker arrangements’, still others were termed ‘guardianship agreements’ – and some were even called ‘nursing contracts’.

Sample contracts essay questions

sample contracts essay questions


sample contracts essay questionssample contracts essay questionssample contracts essay questionssample contracts essay questions