Siting website essay

For a more interactive learning approach, you might also want to download my OUTRAGE Prediction & Management Interactive Software . I think it’s wonderful – with the help of Australian programming experts, I managed to create software that would give a client the same advice I’d have given if I were there. But it’s labor-intensive (you have to answer a lot of questions about what’s going on). It never sold well, and in 2009 I got permission from my Australian co-owners to make it available as shareware on this website. Even for free it gets less use than I think it deserves. Several reviews of the software have been published; check out Spin doctors may be obsolete (May 1999) by Tim Radford, or We can work it out with Outrage (May 1999) by Duncan Graham-Rowe, or Running risk of public outrage (June 1999) by Joanna Pitman.

When you convince the people living safely near the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that nuclear energy isn’t “expensive and risky” and that “the
technology has an incredible safety and reliability record” and “an almost
untapped potential for serious cost reductions” of those assertions, I’ll agree to more radiation sickness centers in the model you seem to be advocating. (oh, right, sorry- there aren’t people safely living in those areas anymore—- never mind)

Siting website essay

siting website essay


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