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For example, suppose you are a jurist in a criminal case, and—given only the videotape evidence—you cannot determine whether the defendant or his twin committed the crime.  In this case, you are not justified in concluding that the defendant is guilty, and that is because there is a live possibility that you cannot rule out, and this possibility would show that the defendant is innocent.  The same might be said of premise (2) in the argument from evil: there are live possibilities that we are in no position to rule out, and these possibilities show that God is justified in allowing the evils in our world.  And if so, we are in no position to endorse premise (2) of the argument from evil.

Nathan Katz in Buddhist and Western Philosophy (1981, p. 446) points out that the term "transpolytheistic" would be more accurate, since it entails that the polytheistic gods are not denied or rejected even after the development of a notion of the Absolute that transcends them, but criticizes the classification as characterizing the mainstream by the periphery: "like categorizing Roman Catholicism as a good example of non- Nestorianism ". The term is indeed informed by the fact that the corresponding development in the West, the development of monotheism , did not "transcend" polytheism, but abolish it, while in the mainstream of the Indian religions , the notion of "gods" ( deva ) was never elevated to the status of "God" or Ishwara , or the impersonal Absolute Brahman , but adopted roles comparable to Western angels . "Transtheism", according to the criticism of Katz, is then an artifact of comparative religion .

For the longest time I thought that Dr. William Lane Craig's podcasts were the only thorough apologetics and philosophy podcasts out there. Many would agree that the Reasonable Faith and Defenders podcasts are among the best, but since I found Apologetics315 by accident while looking for Greg Koukl podcasts, I had no idea all this was out there.

Thank you very much for all that you do Brian. I have already benefited spiritually and mentally from your ministry in the short time I have been with you.

Skylar McManus

Skeptical theism new essays

skeptical theism new essays


skeptical theism new essaysskeptical theism new essaysskeptical theism new essaysskeptical theism new essays