Standard formatting for essays

Thanks for providing the helpful information. My situation is somewhat unique and I’m having a hard time finding answers. I’m a professional screenwriter who has just finished my first novel. I am the author (“novel by Cameron R.”) working with a co-author (“With John Smith”), and the material is based on a screenplay of mine (my original story) that was co-written with a different co-writer. Assuming legal chain-of-title is squared away with the original co-writer, I am not sure how to credit him on the title page (or acknowledge the original screenplay) when presenting my manuscript to lit agents/publishers. Is it required that I list all names on the title page, and if so, how should I list the original co-writer of this source material, or reference the original screenplay? (I’m assuming publishers are turned off by the word “screenplay” and I’d love to not have to include that word! Can I call it “material”??)

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Standard formatting for essays

standard formatting for essays


standard formatting for essaysstandard formatting for essaysstandard formatting for essaysstandard formatting for essays