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I will add that I used to own donut shops and these donuts look great with a great recipe. If you want more cracks in your donuts here is the way. Use cool ingredients (not below 65 though) and after you put them in oil flip them after 15 seconds let them cook (usually about 90 second) and back again for the remaining 1 min 15 sec. I would also cook them at 375 to reduce the oil consumption. This is how we always did it and they cracked wide open. Glaze them while warm (not hot) and the glaze will bond better with the donut and not flake off as much.

The great wines of the world  consistently express the distinct qualities of the estates from which they come. In Napa, Quintessa is such a wine. To preserve the natural mosaic of the vineyard, each small plot is farmed, harvested and vinified individually so that the nuances of the land shine through. Afterward, the best components are brought together to create a wine of elegance and harmony.

Depending on the vintage, Quintessa may include some or all of the five varietals grown on the property: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Carménère. The fruit is harvested early in the morning, then sorted and gravity-fed into oak, stainless steel or concrete tanks and vinified. Once fermentation and maceration are complete, the wine from each plot is aged separately for up to two years in French oak. After the final Quintessa blend is created, the wine is bottled and laid down for yet another year before release. Discover our Current Release >

Tessay colleen

tessay colleen


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