Upenn college essay

I had thought I would find my home six thousand miles around the world when really it was two feet in front of me. Although I did not realize at the time, growing up in a Chinese household and living in an American society had created a gap in my self-identity. I had thought birthplace determined nationality, but in reality, nationality comes from personal beliefs and perceptions. I understand that no matter how hard everyone tries, there will always be discrimination against those who are different. However, I would rather deal with these difficult issues than to eradicate the circumstances that create them by effacing uniqueness.

Paying tribute to the incredible research being carried out at Penn, I look forward to taking full advantage of the resources and adding my own research in reverse engineering the human brain through a mixture of computer and cognitive science. The ground-breaking investigations in robotics at the  GRASP (General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception)  facility at Penn is astounding, especially in its role as an affiliate for a cognitive sciences institute, and I hope to become a part of this community of tech developers. With my experiences in these fields, I intend to facilitate cross-talks between faculty and students as together we attempt to unravel the mysteries of human consciousness.

Upenn college essay

upenn college essay


upenn college essayupenn college essayupenn college essayupenn college essay