Vaccination debate essay

From time immemorial, early man has been using animals. Especially employing them to satisfy his basic needs of food, clothing, hunting, transportation etc.  While cattle rearing for food and diary needs become the next best things known to man. But, after agriculture, he started domesticating animals such as dog for security, donkeys and bulls . So, as beasts of burden, horses and elephants as transportation vehicles etc.  As time progressed, man found several other avenues wherein animals could partner with him for progression . Specifically, of the human race such as research, medicine etc. 

We may examine representative incidents by following the geographic route of European settlement, beginning in the New England colonies. There, at first, the Puritans did not regard the Indians they encountered as natural enemies, but rather as potential friends and converts. But their Christianizing efforts showed little success, and their experience with the natives gradually yielded a more hostile view. The Pequot tribe in particular, with its reputation for cruelty and ruthlessness, was feared not only by the colonists but by most other Indians in New England. In the warfare that eventually ensued, caused in part by intertribal rivalries, the Narragansett Indians became actively engaged on the Puritan side.

Vaccination debate essay

vaccination debate essay


vaccination debate essayvaccination debate essayvaccination debate essayvaccination debate essay