Why curfew is important essay

To gain permission the person on a curfew needs to contact the customer service department of the Home Detention Curfew contractors at least 24 hours before they need to go out (where possible). The customer service department will tell the person on curfew who they will need to seek permission from. They will also tell the person what evidence they need to prove the cause of their proposed absence, for example a letter inviting them to a job interview. They then need to wait for permission to leave the premises before they go out. If, in the case of an emergency, the person on a curfew needs to leave the house and does not have time to contact the customer service centre then they need to let them know as soon as possible. They also need to provide written proof covering their absence, for example a medical note.

If you’re regularly fighting with your teen about curfew, there is a better way.  Have a family meeting and calmly discuss the issue.  Explain, without lecturing, why curfew is important.  Then, work with your teen to develop a contract about curfew that you both can accept.  

Take into consideration the teen’s age, responsibility, and maturity.  A kid that does well in school and has a history of making good choices should be allowed to stay out later than one who gets into trouble or skips homework.  You should also consider how much sleep your teen needs.  Growing teenagers require more sleep than they did in their pre-teen years but often get less.  This results in chronically overtired kids that are grumpy, argumentative, and have a hard time concentrating in school.

“We’re not going to tolerate any criminal activity,” Staly said. “If youre not there for legitimate reason, the curfew is in effect, and if you violate it, it’s a second-degree misdemeanor and we will arrest you and take you to jail. With that said, I’ve asked my deputies to use common sense always and discretion, and find out why somebody is trying to get over there.” For example, if it’s a neighbor helping another trying to evacuate or getting a house storm-ready, it won’t be an issue.

Why curfew is important essay

why curfew is important essay


why curfew is important essaywhy curfew is important essaywhy curfew is important essaywhy curfew is important essay